Create an interactive voice server (IVR)

An IVR is an interactive voice server. It’s a “voice robot” that greets callers and suggests that they press a key on the keypad to be directed to the chosen destination. For example: “press 1 for the sales department, press 2 for the technical department”.

Access the IVR menu

To access the section for creating a voice server :

  1. Click on the apps icon
  2. Click on “Apps”
  3. Click on “IVR menu”

IVR menu access

Configuring an interactive voice server

Once in the “IVR menu” section, click on “Add IVR menu”.

Main configurations

General configurations

  • Name : add a name for the IVR
  • Extension : automatically generated, cannot be modified
  • Greet long : choose the sound of the voice server
  • Exit action : choose the action that will be triggered once the voice server is finished. For example, you can restart the IVR or ring an extension.

Main configurations

Set IVR menu keys

  • Option : option number key
  • Destination : action triggered when the person chooses this option
  • Order
  • Add : add a line to create a new menu item

Set IVR menu keys

Other configuration options

  • Timeout : shuts down IVR after X milliseconds
  • Ring back : select the waiting sound during transfer
  • : IVR display name
  • Enabled : choose whether or not to enable this IVR menu
  • Direct dial : define whether callers can dial directly to registered extensions

Additional options