Set up Call forward

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  1. Click on the PBX icon
  2. Click on “Apps”.
  3. Click on “Call routing”

Call routing acces

Setting up Call forward

Click on the “pencil” icon on the line of the extension you wish to configure.

Set up call forward

You are now in this interface :

Call forward interface

The various fields you see in this “Call forwarding” section are used to define when and to whom calls are forwarded.

So you need to “Enable/Disable” these fields.

When a field is activated, you must specify the number or extension to which the transfer will be made.

Warning When inserting a number, don’t add spaces, don’t add a “plus” before the area code, and make sure you’ve added the country code. Here’s an example of a number in the right format: “15550550505”

The different types of transfer

Here are the details of the fields allowing you to define the transfer :

  • Call forwarding : transfers the call to the specified number
  • Not registered : transfers the call if the extension is disconnected.
  • On busy : transfers the call if the extension is busy
  • Do not disturb : transfer the call if you are in NPD/DND mode
  • No answer : transfers the call if the extension does not answer.
  • Call routing : to program multiple destinations (see next section)

To know The difference between “Forward” and “Routing” is that “Forward” transfers to a single destination, whereas “Routing” transfers to several destinations.

The different types of transfer

Programming multiple destinations

When you activate “Call Routing” in the transfer editing interface, a block opens with several lines for programming destinations :

  • Destination : enter several destinations to which the call will be forwarded
  • Delay : time before ringing starts
  • Timetout : the end of the ringtone

Here’s an example:

  1. Call rings for 5 seconds on extension 301 (Delay 0 l Timeout 5)
  2. The call is transferred to 33694302132 and rings for 5 seconds (Delay 5 l Timeout 10).
  3. The call is transferred to the extension’s answering machine

Note the code *99 followed by an extension number is used to direct the transfer to an extension’s answering machine.

Delay and timeout

Attention Call transfers depend on the extension’s package. If the extension is a receiving line, it will not be able to initiate a call and therefore a transfer.