Phone System

Manage your numbers and lines, customize your announcements and incoming call routing, supervise in real time and consult your teams’ extension statistics.

Setting up extensions

(1) Click on the PBX icon (2) Click on “extensions” Understanding the interface Modify an extension Click on the pencil icon to edit the extension.

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Set your numbers

The “Manage Incoming Calls” section lets you set the parameters for incoming calls and their display on the workstation. To access this section, click on

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Create a blacklist

Blacklists can be used to block numbers. Go to section To access the “Blacklist” interface, click on the PBX icon, on “Application” and then on

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Messagerie vocale

Vous avez la possibilité de créer, consulter les messages et personnaliser les messageries vocales en composant *97 depuis le poste correspondant ou depuis l’interface en

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