Statistics menu acces

Click on the PBX icon, then on “Statistics”.

Statistics access

The different types of statistics

When you are in “Statistics” section, you can choose between 6 different statistics sections :

  • DID stats : find all calls made to your lines. You can filter search results by number.
  • Estension stats : find details of all line activity. You can search for an extension manually
  • Call stats : find the number of calls dialed, where they were dialed from and the average time per call. You can filter results by time interval
  • Live stats : view calls in progress and the names of the agents making them
  • Location stats : find call volume and talk time by country. You can filter for time intervals and extensions.
  • My stats : find various statistics on your activity

PBX statistics

Note Go to the “Call Detail Records” to find a list of all calls and recordings.