Set your numbers

The “Manage Incoming Calls” section lets you set the parameters for incoming calls and their display on the workstation.

To access this section, click on the PBX icon, then on “Manage Incoming Calls”.

Setting up numbers

Once in the “Manage Incoming Calls” section, click on the pencil icon to change the settings of a number.

Access to parameters

This takes you to the number parameters, where you can define the following fields:

Number settings
  1. Destination : the number
  2. : display it on your phone when a caller contacts you via this number. This is useful for finding out which number has called you, when several numbers are configured on the same extension.
  3. Extensions : extensions that can use this number
  4. Enabled : enables or disables the number
  5. Actions : this is the action that will be triggered when there’s an incoming call. For example, you can redirect the call to an extension or voicemail.
  6. Description : add text if necessary

Setting up the display on the workstation

Number and script configurations

Click on “Configure number and sales pitch”.

This section lets you customize the agent panel.

Number and sales pitch configurations

Configuring the sales pitch

Here you configure a sales pitch that will be available from the workstation for incoming calls. Here’s how to configure it :

(1) Title : add the title of the sales pitch. This will be displayed above the sales pitch on the workstation.

(2) Sales pitch : write your sales pitch

Note You can write sales pitches in HTML

Choose a default module

By clicking on “Module”, you can choose which module the prospect will be registered to when they call this number.

Default module

Configure fields

In this section, you select the fields to be displayed on the agent panel.

To add a field, click on it and move it to the right-hand column, using the arrows.

To remove a field, click on it and move it to the left-hand column.

Modifier champs poste de travail

Note You can only add and remove fields you’ve created : default fields cannot be modified.

Automatic registration in the module

Check “Autosave to module” to have all incoming calls to this number automatically saved in CRM.

Autosave to module