Intégration & API

Intégration & API

Kavkom API

The Kavkom phone system has an API that lets you integrate all its features into your usual applications and tools. Thanks to this API, you can, for example, display detailed call logs and recordings on the interface of your business tool or CRM.

Create a Kavkom API authentication key

We use API keys for authentication to authorize API requests. First, you need to create a public access token (API key) and select the appropriate rights.

Here’s how to create an API key:

Log on to the Kavkom application interface with an administrator account, access the advanced settings by clicking on the cogwheel at bottom left (1). Click on the “API Settings” tab (2), then on the “Add Token” button (3).

Enter the Token name (1), activate the desired domain access authorization (2) then the objects to be authorized in the list on the right (3) then save by clicking on “Create” (4).

Once you’ve created a public access token, you can use it in the “Authorization” header to authenticate your HTTP request.

How to use the Kavkom API for data transmission

Click here to access the Kavkom API documentation.

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