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Integrating Kavkom into HubSpot

Easily link your Kavkom account to your HubSpot CRM. Enjoy all call tracking and alert features with this integration.


HubSpot is an American B2B company that develops and markets software for inbound marketing, sales and customer service. HubSpot was founded by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah in 2006.

How to add it

Kavkom interface

To add an integration, go to your Kavkom interface: Then click on the cog wheel at the bottom left.

kavkom advanced settings

Integration tab

You then go to the last tab on right “Integrations”.

install hubspot with Kavkom CRM

Log in to HubSpot

After clicking “Install”, you must now log in with your HubSpot Super Admin.

Connect with your hubspot super admin account

Select an account

Select your account and click on the “select an account” button.

Select an Hubspot account

Access to information

Check the required permissions, then click “Connect App”.

Connect App Kavkom to HubSpot

Map users

Now the HubSpot super admin is logged into the Kavkom app, which is installed. Now we need to map the users.

Click on the “User Mapping List” button from the Kavkom interface :

users mapping list button

The list of all HubSpot users appears as you can see below.

list of all hubspot users

Click on the “edit” button to assign a HubSpot user to a Kavkom user then save.

assign a HubSpot user to a Kavkom user

All users who will be mapped between Kavkom and HubSpot will be able to use Kavkom integration in their HubSpot space.


HubSpot integration articles

Creating reports in HubSpot

When you use Kavkom’s integration with HubSpot, every Kavkom call will be recorded in HubSpot, depending on your integration settings, as an engagement, or call

Using HubSpot integration

How to make a call There are several ways to make calls: Number formats supported by HubSpot When you add a phone number to HubSpot,

Uninstall HubSpot integration

If you wish to uninstall your HubSpot integration completely, log in to the Kavkom online application with an account that has the necessary access rights.