Intégration & API

Intégration & API

Integrating Kavkom into Zoho CRM

Easily link your Kavkom account to Zoho. Take advantage of all the phone features from your Zoho CRM such as call and alert tracking with this integration.


Zoho is a cloud-based unified platform distributed as Software as a Service (SaaS) developed by Zoho Corporation. This solution is designed to help you better sell, promote, analyze, manage and collaborate with your customers and collaborators.

Zoho CTI integration with your business telephony

Kavkom interface

  1. To add an integration, go to your Kavkom interface: Then click on the gear wheel at the bottom left.
Kavkom advanced settings

2. Then go to the last tab on the far right “integrations” (1) then in the Zoho thumbnail, click on the “install” button (2). A window opens.

Click on the install button

3. In the drop-down menu, select the domain of your Zoho account (1) which you can know when you are on the login page for your Zoho account.
Then click on submit (2) and you are redirected to Zoho.

Select your Zoho domain

Installing the app on Zoho CRM

1. Log in to your Zoho CRM user account, select the account where the application should be installed and click on the “Submit” button.

Select Zoho Account

2. Another window is displayed, click on the “Accept” button. You will be redirected to the Kavkom platform.

Install Kavkom App on Zoho CRM

User mapping on Kavkom

  1. Now click on the “User mapping list” button.
Map Zoho users in Kavkom

2. The page lists the users associated with the Zoho account, which will need to be linked to their respective Kavkom account. Click on the “Edit details” button (1). You can display more users by clicking on the “Load more” button (2).

Zoho user mapping list in Kavkom

3. For each user whose Zoho account should be linked to telephony services, select the corresponding Kavkom account from the drop-down menu (1) and click “Save” (2).

Select the account corresponding to each user

Kavkom telephony features are now enabled and working in your Zoho CRM.

How to Use Kavkom Telephony in Zoho

To use Kavkom telephony features in Zoho, you can use:

You can now call your Zoho contacts by simply clicking on the “Call” icons.

CTI Integration Features in Zoho

  • Incoming and outgoing calls thanks to the WebPhone.
  • Click-to-call, all numbers in the Zoho interface become clickable to call in one click.
  • Call log in the activity history of your contact cards.