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Integrations & API

Install and use our integrations and APIs to take advantage of all the features of VoIP telephony in your CRM and business tools.


Creating reports in HubSpot

When you use Kavkom’s integration with HubSpot, every Kavkom call will be recorded in HubSpot, depending on your integration settings, as an engagement, or call

Using HubSpot integration

How to make a call There are several ways to make calls: Number formats supported by HubSpot When you add a phone number to HubSpot,

Uninstall HubSpot integration

If you wish to uninstall your HubSpot integration completely, log in to the Kavkom online application with an account that has the necessary access rights.

Integrating Kavkom into HubSpot

Easily link your Kavkom account to your HubSpot CRM. Enjoy all call tracking and alert features with this integration. Intro HubSpot is an American B2B

Integrations Kavkom & CRM

Integrating Kavkom into Pipedrive

Easily link your Kavkom account to your Pipedrive CRM. Take advantage of all the telephone features from your Pipedrive CRM such as call tracking and

Salesforce Intégration

Intro Salesforce est un éditeur de logiciels, basé à San Francisco aux États-Unis. Il distribue des logiciels de gestion basés sur Internet et héberge des

Integrating Kavkom into Zoho CRM

Easily link your Kavkom account to Zoho. Take advantage of all the phone features from your Zoho CRM such as call and alert tracking with

Monday Intégration

Intro est une application web et mobile de gestion de projets. En 2019, la société dessert 80 000 organisations dont beaucoup ne sont pas

Extensions Kavkom

API Kavkom

Zapier for Kavkom

Introduction The Kavkom’s integration into Zapier make you able to automate the flow of leads that will be incorporated into your CRM. How to create

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Kavkom API

The Kavkom phone system has an API that lets you integrate all its features into your usual applications and tools. Thanks to this API, you

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