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Using HubSpot integration

How to make a call

There are several ways to make calls:

  1. With HubSpot’s integrated Kavkom Phone by clicking on the phone icon and then on the number to dial
  2. With an IP phone or a Kavkom Phone application by clicking on the “Call” button on the Kavkom Card.

Number formats supported by HubSpot

When you add a phone number to HubSpot, you have the option of applying or removing the number’s formatting.

If number formatting is applied, your number will be automatically formatted by HubSpot in a standard format based on the number’s country code. These automatic formats will be supported by Kavkom’s HubSpot integration.

If the formatting is removed, you can enter the number in the format of your choice. In this case, for the integration to work properly, be sure to enter the number in one of the supported formats listed below:

  • Original : 33102030405
  • National : 01 02 03 04 05
  • E164 : +33102030405
  • International : +33 1 02 03 04 05
  • IDD : 0033102030405

Automatic calling activities

Calls received/issued from a Kavkom line will post a call activity on the contact record if the number matches that entered in the HubSpot record, with status, direction, agent and call recording information.

Call activity in HubSpot contact records

If there is no correspondence with the contacts, the call will be referenced in the Contacts > Calls menu without being assigned to a contact.

Correspondent identification

For every call in which a contact is already registered in HubSpot, or when a new contact is created in HubSpot for numbers that are not yet registered, a preview card will be displayed in your Kavkom phone application with important information! This information is as follows.

Here is a summary of the information displayed:


  • “Title”: First and last name if registered in HubSpot, with a direct link to the contact page.
  • “Company”: Name of the company associated with the number in HubSpot.
  • “Email: Contact’s email address.
  • “Owner”: The owner of the contact. If there is a Kavkom user whose email matches, the Kavkom user’s name will be displayed.
  • “Last contact”: The date on which the contact was last contacted, formatted in MM/DD/YYYY.

⚠️ Please note that HubSpot associates calls to companies via the contact.


For each call in which a company is registered in HubSpot with a calling/called number, and no contact exists in HubSpot, the appropriate company information will be displayed:

  • “Title”: Name of the company registered in HubSpot, with a direct link to the company page.
  • “Owner”: The owner of the company. If there is a Kavkom user whose e-mail address matches, his or her name will be displayed.
  • “Last contact”: The date on which the company was last contacted, formatted in MM/DD/YYYY.

Call log

Incoming and outgoing calls will be listed in HubSpot’s “Calls” menu from the Kavkom domain.

hubspot x kavkom integration features

Contact creation from a call

If no contact in HubSpot matches the caller’s number, or no company with a matching phone number is found, you can create a new contact manually or automatically, using the phone number and call activity as information.

Create a contact manually

During a call using the Kavkom application, press “Add” to create the new contact.

Automatic contact creation

Automatic contact creation

Then (1) tick the “Create contact” box and enter (2) the default area code:


HubSpot integration articles

Creating reports in HubSpot

When you use Kavkom’s integration with HubSpot, every Kavkom call will be recorded in HubSpot, depending on your integration settings, as an engagement, or call

Uninstall HubSpot integration

If you wish to uninstall your HubSpot integration completely, log in to the Kavkom online application with an account that has the necessary access rights.

Integrating Kavkom into HubSpot

Easily link your Kavkom account to your HubSpot CRM. Enjoy all call tracking and alert features with this integration. Intro HubSpot is an American B2B