Call logs and recordings access


To access this section, click on the Predictive Dialer icon, then on “Call detail records”.

acces predictive dialer log recordings

Understanding table columns

predictive dialer journal enregistrements colones
  • Caller ID : Number used to make the call
  • Phone: correspondent’s phone number
  • Agent: identifier of the agent connected to the contact
  • Duration: call duration
  • Start: start of call
  • Status: normal_clearing (call completed), unallocated_number (number not assigned), no_answer (no response from prospect), no_user_response (user did not answer).
  • Recording: listen online or download the recording

Filter call log results and recordings

Use filters

You can filter the call log search results:

  1. To filter, enter your filters and click on “Apply”.
  2. Click on “Reset” to remove the filters.

Understanding filters

  1. Phone number : find a number to which a call has been made
  2. Select campaign : search in the selected campaign
  3. Date range: choose a time range for which you want to view the call log.
predictive dialer log records filters

Find a call record

You can also retrieve recordings from the campaign manager. To do this, click on the “Predictive Dialer” icon in the left-hand menu, then on “Campaigns”.

Go to predictive dialer campaigns

Then click on “Search recording” in the campaign manager.

A window opens :

research call recordings predictive campaigns
  1. Type the phone number and click on “Search” to display the records.
  2. Registration information: phone number, campaign and timestamp
  3. Download the record and consult the prospect file.