Live monitor


The live monitor gives you a real-time view of your call center activity.


Detailed guide to the live monitor

To access the Predictive live monitor, click on “Predictive dialer” in the menu bar, then on “Live monitor”.

predictive live monitor access

It consists of two sections: live statistics and live monitor.

Live statistics

The “Live statistics” section gives you a global view in the form of a real-time graph. It lets you quickly see the status of agents, active campaigns and calls. You can also view live dialed numbers.

predictive monitor live statistics

Live monitor

The “Live Monitor” section lets you monitor agents in real time.

predictive live monitor
  1. Name: of agent
  2. Active campaign: campaign to which the agent is connected
  3. Status : – waiting : waiting for a call – connected to contact: currently connected to a contact – talking : in conversation – idle: dispositioning
  4. Phone number: phone number of the connected contact
  5. Time: duration of current status
  6. Actions: click to Listen, Coach or enter Conference.


By clicking on the actions icon, you can listen, coach or enter conference mode.

To listen, click on the “Speaker” icon and then open the Webphone and :

  • Press 1 to speak with the contact
  • Press 2 to coach the agent
  • Press 3 to enter the conference.

Then press “Hang up” to end the call.

predictive live listening