Create a predictive campaign


To access the predictive campaign manager, click on “Campaigns” in the menu bar.

Click on “Add campaign” and a window will open.

Create a predictive campaign

Settings from an existing campaign

When you open your services, our teams create a campaign template based on your configuration and requirements. We recommend that you use this template to create your campaigns.

  1. You can load the settings of an existing campaign by selecting it and clicking on “copy”.
  2. If necessary, modify the name and description.
  3. Click on “Next step” until you can click on “Save campaign”.

Create a campaign with new parameters


  1. Enter the campaign name,
  2. Enter the name that will be displayed on the prospect’s phone when the call is made,
  3. Select the telephone number used to make calls
  4. Then click on “Next step”.


  1. Limit hours: Activate this option to limit calls to a certain time slot, setting the start and end of the call limit.
  2. Restrict to : activate this option to restrict the campaign to certain users. The campaign will be invisible to unselected users.
  3. Then click on “Next step”.


  1. Campaign default module : select the CRM module to which leads will be sent from the predictive. Selecting nothing allows you to choose the module when sending.
  2. Override : number of numbers dialed simultaneously by agents
  3. Wait for agent : select the time between two conversations
  4. Turn on “Record” to enable call recording
  5. Activate “Answering Machine Detection” to avoid answering machines
  6. Finalize creation by clicking on “Register campaign”.

Your campaign is now created. To find out how to add leads to your campaign, go to the article “Adding leads to a predictive campaign”.