Documentation Technique

Manage users


To access the “Manage users” section, you simply have to click on the icon of “Advanced settings” .

Add user

To create a user click on the “Add user” button.

add user

Complete the “User Info” section

  • Username: Kavkom user ID
  • Agent name: the username
  • Email login: the email assigned to the user, it will also be used to connect Kavkom account. Check the box below to send the accesses to the user
  • Password: 8 characters minimum
  • Extension: phone line assigned to the agent
  • User’s group: By assigning a user to a group, you assign them permissions.

Then, click on “2 Configuration” on left.

user information

Complete the “Configuration” section

  • Avatar: you can add an image for the user
  • Lead module : choose which modules this user will have access to
  • Email signature: this is the personalized signature that will be displayed at the end of his communications
  • Instructions: you can add instructions for the user

When you are done, click on “Save” button.

user configuration

Add HTML text to add an image in the signature

User Actions

Modify a user

To edit a user, click on the edit icon in the “Actions” column.

edit user

Delete a user

Click on the trash icon, in the “Actions” column.

delet user

Login as another user

Log in as another user’s account by clicking the “Log in as this user” icon.

login as user