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Manage Authorizations


To know Authorizations are used to manage Kavkom user access.

Accessing authorizations

(1) Click on “Advanced settings

(2) Click on “User group”.

(3) Click on “Authorizations” in the “Tools” column

Permissions access

Note You cannot edit the permissions of the default “Admin” and “Agent” groups. You can only edit the permissions of groups you have created. To find out more about user groups, go to the article: Setting up user groups.

Search for categories to set up

Once in the “Group permissions” section, you need to search for the features for which you want to define permissions.

For example, below, I open the “CRM Modules” functions and select “Access to Prospects menu”.

Les permissions

Select authorizations

Once you’ve clicked on a feature, Kavkom offers you one or more of the following authorization options:

  • Create: authorizes the user to create with the functionality (example: create a prospect)
  • Read: authorizes the user to view the feature (example: view a prospect)
  • Update: authorizes the user to edit with the feature (example: edit a prospect)
  • Delete: authorizes the user to delete with the functionality (example: delete a lead)

La case “Read” doit toujours être activée pour activer les autres droits.

Select authorizations