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View your plans



Find your telephone plans from the My products > PBX > my packages menu: In the “My packages” page, you’ll find all the following information:

1 – Total lines per package 2 – Add or modify your packages 3 – Request cancellation of all your telephone packages 4 – Details of your lines 5 – Internal number assigned to the line 6 – Package associated with the line 7 – Domain associated with the line 8 – Line password (required to install the line on a VoIP support), hovers over the password.

Modify your plans

Click on “Add/Modify plans”. In this example, I’m deleting a line with the world rate plan and adding a France fixed and mobile rate plan.

1 – In this section you can change one plan for another or delete a plan. 2 – Click on this drop-down menu to display the other plans and change the plans if necessary. 3 – Check the box to delete the package associated with this line. You will not be debited next month on this package. 3 bis – By checking the delete box, the “new configuration” column is automatically updated from 1 to 0. 4 – This section allows you to add additional packages/lines. 5 – This column displays the current package configuration. 6 – Adding an additional package displays its number and price (base price, not prorated).

Finally, click on continue to go on to the next step.

Summary before confirmation

1 – This section displays the changes configured on the previous page. 2 – Displays the change : From 3 to 4 France fixed and mobile rate plans (green arrow indicates an increase) 3 – Displays the change : Change from 1 to 0 World fixed and mobile rate plan (red arrow indicates a decrease) 4 – Information on amounts and payment method 5 – Displays amount to be paid before and after tax 6 – Unlike the €49.90 line price, the amount is automatically prorated from the day of order to the last day of the month. In this case, the prorated amount is 24.95€ instead of 49.90€.

Invoice display

In this sample invoice, you’ll find all the following information:

1 – Company name and address of Kavkom 2 – Invoice date and due date 3 – Billing information and address 4 – Product description and prorated price 5 – Transaction information