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Activate your line (identity validation)


Once you have ordered a number, you must validate your identity for your line to remain active.

Access to “Add identity”

To add an identity and validate your account, go to client area.

Once in the customer area, click on (1) “My account”, on (2) “Identities” and then on (3) “Add identity”.

access add identity

Add a new identity

Complete the form :

  1. ID card front: click on “browse” and upload a photo or scan of the front of your ID card
  2. ID card back : click on “browse” and upload a photo or a scan of the back of your ID card
  3. Certificate of incorporation : click on “browse” and upload your certificate
  4. Proof of address: click on “browse” and upload a proof of address for your company

Note : If front and back are in same file, upload it in front AND back.
For personnal account, upload your proof of adress in certificate AND proof.

add identity

Identity Validation

The verification service will quickly follow up on validating your identity.

Go to the “My identities” section to see the status of your request. In the “Status” column, you will see “Approved” when the request is accepted.

identity validation