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Getting Started

Guides to administering your Kavkom account regarding your offers and billing.

Register on Kavkom

From click on “Register”: Ou depuis, cliquez sur “Register” : Then, select your phone code, enter your phone number (1), click on the CAPTCHA (2) and then on

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Login to Kavkom

To log in There are two ways to log into Kavkom: NoteA registration email should have been sent to you with your login details. If not, contact your administrator to

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Make a first order

Once you are registered with Kavkom, you have a 7-day free trial. To place your first order, click on one of these links: Choose a service Once you have clicked

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Manage your plans

Access the customer area To manage your plans, go to your customer area. Once connected, you arrive directly in the “My plans” section. In this interface, you can find your

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View your plans

Billing Find your telephone plans from the My products > PBX > my packages menu: In the “My packages” page, you’ll find all the following information: 1 – Total lines

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View and pay your bills

Retrieve your invoices at any time from your Customer Area. You can view, download, print or pay your invoices directly online. Login to customer area Go directly to the invoices

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