Using the calendar


Kavkom CRM includes a calendar to help you get organized.

To access it, click on the CRM icon, then on “calendar”.

Calendar presentation

  1. Create a new event
  2. Display side panel with filters (by user group, by user or by event type)
  3. Navigation
  4. Modify view
  5. Click on an event to display a summary of the event, consult the record or call the prospect in one click and edit.

Add an event

You can add an event from the calendar or from a prospect record.

Add an event from the calendar

Clicking on “Create event” opens a window.

  1. Event details (visible in the event summary) : – title – event type (Call, Task or Appointment) – assigned prospect – event date – start and end times – assigned user – description
  2. Notification details You can send a notification automatically before the event. To do this, enter the recipient’s email address and the time before the event that the notification will be sent.

Adding an event from a prospect file

You can create an event from a prospect record by clicking on “Create event.

You are then redirected to the calendar, and simply click on “create event” with the prospect automatically assigned.