Learn how to set up the included Kavkom CRM with your manual telephone lines.

Configuring CRM

To access your CRM settings, click on the CRM icon, then on Settings. The “Settings” page has 6 tabs: Configuring modules Modules allow you to

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Setting up a module

Modules can be used to create groups of prospects, based on a particular feature that brings them together. The Leads module is present in CRM

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Setting a tag

Understanding tags Tags allow you to categorize your prospects according to a particular feature. In particular, you can use them to distinguish prospects in the

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Import leads

Import leads Go to the import section To access the section for importing your leads lists, click on CRM, then on “Import”. Import assignments When

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Exporting leads

Access to exports To export your leads : Export and filter Once in “Advanced search”, click on “Export leads” to export all leads. You can

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Using the calendar

Kavkom CRM includes a calendar to help you get organized. To access it, click on the CRM icon, then on “calendar”. Calendar presentation Add an

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